Monday, February 9, 2015

Owen Gets a Brother

So its been awhile. I've been a homebody slug for a long while and now and poor Owen hasn't had any adventures. He was handmade and gifted to me.

But last Thursday Owen did get a brother. Yeaaah

This is Ignatius, Iggy for short.

 photo 20150205_111938_zpsoycl0bvy.jpg

And here is Iggy and Owen getting to know each other.

 photo 216_zpshmadbvoh.jpg

And hopefully I'll stop being such a stick in the mud and Owen and Iggy will start having lots of adventures.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Owen at The Zoo

Owen had a great yesterday at the Phoenix Zoo checking out all of the animals, and he a got portrait of himself done

At the entrance of the zoo with my niece

 photo 20140426_100501_zpseb55eaf0.jpg

Hanging at with bald eagles.

 photo 20140426_101923_zps05bbaaba.jpg

With a couple of javelina

 photo 20140426_102821_zps0527dc69.jpg

Prairie Dog Country :)

 photo 20140426_103634_zps8d8c237c.jpg

Then it was time for lunch

 photo 20140426_123626_zpsdc0f9718.jpg

What is that?!, a little Owen painted on my face

 photo 20140426_124618_zps8a7e265d.jpg

Owen likes giraffes

 photo 20140426_125503_zps163d8000.jpg

With the lions

 photo 20140426_130200_zps532e055a.jpg

White rhino waaay in the back

 photo 20140426_1305120_zpsc7b7dcff.jpg

That male mandrill is pretty intense

 photo 20140426_131013_zps50f5fac1.jpg

Andean bears hanging out in the trees
 photo 20140426_134136_zps6b7201c8.jpg

A very fierce jaguar

 photo 20140426_1350130_zps0c6667b1.jpg

Of course, Owen liked the Komodo Dragons the best
 photo 20140426_140145_zps47a88de2.jpg
 photo 20140426_140655_zpsd1739e42.jpg

Time to go home for a very tired and happy Dragon

 photo 20140426_152933_zpseda92117.jpg

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Owen at the Renaissance Festival

Owen had a super fun time today at the Ren Faire

Here he is getting ready to go, he's so excited

 photo 376_zps0d94ed5d.jpg

Here he is being silly with my son and his friend

 photo 377_zpsb00e444e.jpg

And finally leaving, he didn't want to but they made us.

 photo 385_zps2a16b7d6.jpg

Owen Goes to Fountain Hills

Last Sunday, February 23rd, Owen took a trip to Fountain Hills

In the car getting ready to go

 photo 364_zps5a16eed6.jpg

In front of the fountain with my niece. Sorry about my finger, it was using my phone.


With Teddy Roosevelt

 photo 367_zps019c5b53.jpg

With Abe Lincoln

 photo 368_zpsf342f6f1.jpg

With Ronald Reagan


Sunday, November 10, 2013

Owen Rocks It with Fifth Density and Vivicide

Poor Owen, I'm so old and boring that he doesn't get out much. But last night he went to the debut and CD release show of my son Derek's band Fifth Density. My son Kevin's band Vivicide also played. Owen got a chance to jump up on stage and rock with both bands

With Vivicide

 photo 2836_zps953f68a2.jpg

With Fifth Density

 photo 2885_zps9ab64a03.jpg

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Owen at Vivicide's CD Release Show

Owen and I are very proud of my son's band Vivicide. Last night was the release of their first CD and they had an awesome CD release show. Of course, Owen had to jump onstage and rock with the band.

This is a really cool step that one of the members made. You can't tell from the pic, but it is lit up.

 photo 868_zps3b0187f1.jpg

Owen onstage bringing with the band, Owen's tie got a little backwards, just to much headbanging

 photo 891_zps99830b4d.jpg

Owen with my son, who does vocals and plays guitar with the band. They band had a little fun during the show and dressed up like Mortal Kombat, that why he has the remnants of make-up going on.

 photo 896_zps4e27aead.jpg

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Owen Rocks Out With Vivicide

It was a road trip for Owen yesterday (4/27). His favorite band Vivicide did a show up in Prescott again, and Owen just had to go.

Here Owen is getting ready to head out. He can't believe that its 93 in Phoenix. He's looking forward to the cooler weather in Prescott

 photo 639_zps86919728.jpg

Just arrived in Prescott and Owen wanted to check out what was going on in the news.

 photo 641_zps26ce1ba7.jpg

Time to grab a bite to eat at Del Taco before heading to the venue

 photo 642_zps2f1ccb8b.jpg

Owen checking out my Vivicide shirt

 photo 645_zps92c715bf.jpg

Owen waiting for the band to set up

 photo 648_zpsb1b70024.jpg

Just chillin' on Kevin's amp

 photo 650_zps6df1664e.jpg

Rockin with Vivicide as the show starts

 photo 651_zpsbfa680c0.jpg

Owen had a great time at the show and loved the cool weather up in Prescott